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. . . Google Maps now has a real estate search function.

Kind of surprise, but pretty handy.

Quaker Mass and how much I miss you, LJ

I miss you so much, LiveJournal.

You see, because I'm working on my Recital Piece for this semester, as well as bunching a whole lot of projects at the beginning of the semester, I've barely been able to see you lately.

I need to write six movements (about 40 minutes worth of music) in the next eight weeks. So I won't see you much in the near future either.

On the other hand, I'll be working on something I love dearly: my Quaker Mass. I've almost completed the intro, and next week I'll have the A section of the Credo (a selection from that link) and Sanctus finished. If I'm really good, maybe I'll be able to visit you then and see what you've been up to.

The week after that I'll probably be mired in the Gloria and the Kyrie. That Wendell Berry poem I'm using for the Gloria will take a couple of weeks of solid work, and I might not be able to visit until it's done. Sorry.

Hope you take care of yourself,
- David S. Foley

Back online

Well, after spilling coffee on my laptop (which replaced the one from 2005 which died after having water spilled on it) two days ago, I plugged everything in tonight and it worked like a charm.

Huzzah for hair dryers!


Grad school *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*

So I'm working on my thesis project,* and I am almost finished with my first week of classes. There may only be two classes with homework,** but the homework is already on me in a big way. Also there's the whole issue of Oral exams. I'm dreading this more than I used to dread Vocal Juries: at least with the juries I was simply unprepared. I knew what I had to prepare, I just fell down on the job. Now I don't know exactly what I need to do, or what's fair game. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous.

*I have to put on a recital, and I'm trying to put together a big project for the whole recital.
**I'm not counting composition as homework in this case. As a composer, I should just be doing this anyway.

Minor accomplishments

At the beginning of the month, I had 3000+ emails in my inbox. There are now two.

I don't know why I set myself this goal, but almost everything in there is labeled somehow, and I've consolidated a bunch of my filters, now that I have a better clue how to do so.

Maybe now I can organize some of the rest of my life?

I can dream . . . .

Life update and links

So, I haven't updated much recently. Let's do the quick and dirty version:

Working on getting the washer/dryer fixed; should be done by this time next week.

Visited Atlanta, Huntsville, Greensboro, and Cary NC: saw wacko1138, photogirl630, wolven, cailement and her boyfriend, stupid_drawings and her boyfriend, my parents and brother, my in-laws, their new puppy, friends from college, my aunt & uncle, my youngest two cousins, grandmother, lost uncle, and every once in a while, my wife.

Taught my parents backgammon, got a notebook full of my grandfather in-law's compositions (which I am slowly putting typesetting), and started work on my thesis project (more on that later, most likely).

In linkage news, read a great post here about going through puberty from a somewhat female perspective and EK has three chapters of her graphic novel up on her site now.

That's all I got, see y'all later.

Daily Snapshot

I slept in today, gloriously so, finally crawling out of bed around 10:30 AM. After much sitting around doing nothing in particular, I went to the nearby Barnes & Noble to do the obligatory holiday shopping, one load of laundry washed and another started.

While there, saw The Dude Abides, Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing, and Bach's complete W-TC conveniently placed next to each other on a shelf.

Came back home, put laundry in to dry, waited too long for supper (but gave the cats theirs early, so they wouldn't complain when I got back home at 1:00 AM), then went to Pennsylvania to sing two Christmas Eve services. A piece of mine was performed, and rather than letting it pass unnoticed, the director put a little blurb about the who I was in the choir, where I'm going to school, and the fact that I wrote the piece. Lots of comments from people afterward telling me how much they liked it.

* shy smile *

Got dinner between services, met a lovely family, many of whom were in the choir: one of the sopranos had two of her kids visit. One daughter is a lesbian, one son is gay, both of their partners were there, and another daughter showed up to an earlier service with her husband and three kids.

Eventually I drove back home to cats who think I still owe them food, and a clothes processor full of water instead of dry clothes. I filled up our four (five? No, probably four) quart cooking pot—twice—in addition to all the water that spilled out when I opened it in the dark thinking that it would be dry.

Having successfully bailed out the clothes processor, I figured I should do an experiment and try to dry something again, to make sure my various finagling hadn't screwed something up earlier. Looking at it now, I can see that it is full of water again. I hope there's a laundromat open somewhere tomorrow, and I think I know what's going to the top of my Post-Christmas list. Guess I'd better go bail out the clothes processor again.

Snow day

I got to my car today and managed to scrape it off in only twenty minutes! Tried pulling out of the parking spot and realized that even if I managed to get onto the road, I would end up sliding every which-a-way. Texted my choir director to tell him I couldn't even get out of my parking spot and found out that church was canceled.

With this in mind, I came back inside the house, got the yardstick out and proceeded to measure snow depth!

I was sort of right in the text I sent to my choir director: the snow on the parking lot proper was 6 inches deep. Of course, the snow around my car was deeper than that, and I found at least one slightly sheltered field that had an average depth of 10 inches. In fact, I think the average depth around my building was 10 inches.

Yeah, real happy I don't have to leave the house today. I just hope that Annie is safe on her drive home.



Hi Fox executives. I've only caught two episodes of Dollhouse this year (the two that were on tonight), and I found another lovely show by Joss Whedon that you've canceled.

After the hubbub of Firefly, I would expect you to have a little more faith in Mr. Whedon's ability to gain a following.

I ask you to give him two seasons on whatever project you next option from him; I figure by that point, he will have gotten enough of a following to make the venture profitable (which I assume, is the reason some version of Survivor will probably replace it).




I just got a four-day extension on my last paper due. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but I think I'll start by going to bed now, and not working on the paper.

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