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I live . . .

So, I apologize for the lack of updates, significant or otherwise.

I've been trying to adjust to life outside of school.

So, big news in a little space:

I graduated with a Master of Music degree in Composition last August. Also last August I moved to Portland Oregon with my rather pregnant wife and three grumpy cats.

In October our daughter, Teegan Stefanie Foley, was born.

I have obtained all sorts of odd jobs in a terrible economy and atrocious job market, especially in Portland; I sing in three choirs around town, and am working as a temporary employee for largely part-time hours.

I am also very slowly working on a Missa Brevis, and looking into composition publishing opportunities.


So, my diploma came.

And, to prove it, I took pictures.

The case, which I received at graduation:

And the diploma that finally arrived today:

Now I'm starting to believe that I actually did graduate from school.

If only I could find a damn job that needed such a degree now . . . .

Stupid pet pics

I have three cats. You might have known this before.

Anyway, I had an awesome breakfast this morning. I thought I'd share.

There's orange juice, a couple fried eggs, homemade (not by me) challah toast with Brummel & Brown and cherry preserves, and a local-ish-grown nectarine.

Oh no! Herbie has eaten all of my breakfast and joined the clean plate club!

Anyway, if you enjoyed that, then you might appreciate the following.

Yes indeed, Herbie is trying for a bite of Annie's cheeseburger. I'll spare you the punchline.


William Gibson live (on tape)

Hey folks, no I haven't completely disappeared from this fair community, but I have been lying low.

Anyway, on to more pressing matters; I realize that several people here have an affinity for a science fiction writer named William Gibson.

I've read one of his novels, and seen the TV-edit of Johnny Mnemonic. I have not, however heard the interview he gave today on Oregon's "Think Out Loud" program. An entire hour of talking to the guy who coined the term "cyberspace", and who just so happens to have published a new book.


I passed my oral exams today. In a month or so my Master of Music in Composition diploma will arrive in the mail.


If you're interested in any of my pieces, let me know.

In addition to a mostly-accurate list of works, there are three streaming files on my composition website, including a setting of Byron's "She walks in Beauty" (with me singing), a women's choir setting of "O Magnum Mysterium", and a twelve-tone, woodwind trio rumination on the Orion nebula.

One streaming file of a minimalist/ techno piece.

Also, you can download my graduate recital (program notes and all) in .wav or .mp3 format from MediaFire. It's a Quaker Mass; which is to say that there are seven movements, Introit (gives an idea of what is to come), Kyrie (invocation), Gloria (adoration), Credo (statement of belief), Sanctus ("God" is holy), Benedictus (description of a holy person), and Agnus Dei (final plea for forgiveness) which take the spirit of the original texts (handily paraphrased in parentheses) and replace it with more Quaker-minded texts.

Ciao, y'all.

Comic know-how and life update

If you enjoy knowing more about comics and having really good ideas broken down very simply without treating you like an idiot, you might like Aaron Diaz' (of Dresden Codak fame) new art blog. He's already put out a few pointers on the focus of a panel, the environment, etc.

In other news, I have an interview tomorrow morning for a position selling insurance to singers. If I know you and you're a singer, you've been warned.

Wednesday I take my Masters oral exam. I still need to finish listening to all of Handel's Messiah and listen to Beethoven's Fifth and Sixth (I haven't heard either this year, but I have heard them before).

Ciao y'all.

Today's listening

Today: Crumb's Black Angels and Unto the Hills. Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique. Buttoned it up with a live performance of solo flute music in NYC. Robert Dick (the guy who wrote the book on extended technique for flute playing) performing Takemitsu, Berio, Shulamit Ran, Robert Morris and four of his own pieces.

Yesterday: J.S. Bach's B-Minor Mass, Elliott Carter's Piano Sonata, two poems of Robert Frost, The Minotaur, and Elegy for String Orchestra.

Today's listening

I have to listen to a lot of music before my oral exams, so, in part to keep track of what I have actually listened to, I'll try to list what I've been listening to each day--usually with a score of some sort in front of me.

Today: Verdi's Requiem, Beethoven's Missa Solemnis.

Yesterday: Machaut's Messe de Notre dame, Mozart's Mass in C Minor, Elliott Carter's Riconoscenza, Tod Machover's Hidden Sparks, Ralph Shapey's Fantasy for Violin and Piano.

Sometime in the last few weeks: Stravinsky's Mass, Rite of Spring, and Symphony of Psalms. Mozart symphonies no. 31 and 41, Beethoven's Eroica and Ode to Joy Symphonies, Mussorgsky/ Ravel's Pictures at an Exhibition, Tallis' Spem in Alium, and Gabrieli's In Ecclesiis.

A lot more to go, but I won't make promises I can't keep, so until later . . . .


We found Lily today. Dragged her inside despite her moaning and thrashing. I realize she likes being outside, but she's gonna get hurt (more than she already has, I might note) hanging out in parking lots and scuffling with raccoons.

Eventually she'll get all the dirt out of her coat and be lily-white again.



So, for those who don't already know, I've had a weird past few weeks.

Monday the 3rd, I had a final presentation in one of my classes at 6:30 PM.

At 6:15 my mother called me and told me my father had died earlier that day in a car accident.

More on that later.

Friday, the 7th, theatreannie and I decided that we will move to Portland, Oregon in August.

Wednesday the 12th I had my graduate recital. It went well, sound files to come soon.

Saturday (yesterday), the 15th, I walked in my college's commencement ceremony. tscheese was there, as were my wife, her parents, my brother, mother, uncle, and grandmother (except my mom, all related to my father).

Today, two of the cats got out of the house. Bun-bun is back in, but Lily scarpered and is nowhere to be seen. I really hope she comes back, I already miss her.

This Tuesday my wife will graduate (and commence) from her graduate degree.

Wednesday, I will drive down to Georgia and start getting things prepared for next Sunday (the 23rd), when my father's memorial service is.

I'll probably eulogize my father a bit later, but I'm told that instead of flowers, etc. gifts should be directed to North Decatur Presbyterian Church or The Atlanta Schola Cantorum.

As an upper, (and in case you hadn't heard) in October, I'll be a father myself.

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